“TWINT allows you to make mobile payments directly from your bank account”

Andreas Kubli, Head of Multichannel Management & Digitization at UBS Switzerland, and Daniel Previdoli, Head of Products, Services & Direct Banking at Zürcher Kantonalbank, explain why they are putting their faith in TWINT.

How did the UBS TWINT launch go?

Andreas Kubli: We were able to successfully migrate more than 160,000 users from UBS Paymit to UBS TWINT via an app update. As expected, there were minor technical problems during the changeover, but these were quickly rectified. We are thus satisfied with how things have started.

Andreas Kubli
Andreas Kubli

And what about at Zürcher Kantonalbank?

Daniel Previdoli: We are also very satisfied with the launch. The changeover from ZKB Paymit to ZKB TWINT went without a hitch. The level of interest from clients was great, but this came as no surprise. For some time now, we have been observing an increase in the level of use of electronic channels such as our e-banking and e-banking Mobile services. More and more clients expect a service that they can use wherever they are at any time of day.

There are now various TWINT apps. Why did you choose to take this path?

Daniel Previdoli: TWINT is not simply a mobile payment app. TWINT is Switzerland’s digital wallet, a completely new payment system that allows for the direct integration of a user’s own bank account. The advantages are clear: clients who connect their Zürcher Kantonalbank account to the ZKB TWINT app can send and receive money in real time at no cost and can also make mobile payments at an ever-increasing number of cash-register terminals and online shops. By connecting the app to their account, clients also have a transparent cost overview at their disposal.

Andreas Kubli: With our own TWINT app, we are also able to offer our clients the familiar UBS look and feel as well as the proven user-friendliness of our digital products.

Daniel Previdoli ZKB
Daniel Previdoli

What impressed you about TWINT?

Andreas Kubli: TWINT still allows for money to be transferred between private individuals, a function we launched in Switzerland with Paymit, as well as for payments to be made at cash registers and online. We were also impressed by the additional benefits. Since I have been able to pay at Coop and collect Super Points in a single step, I have also started to collect points. And, most important: TWINT even allows you to make payments where credit cards or other mobile phone solutions fail, for instance when no terminal is available.

Daniel Previdoli: The topic of digitisation is becoming increasingly important both for society in general and our clients. We are convinced that many clients will benefit from TWINT. Over the coming years, there will be a further massive expansion in the already wide-ranging digital service offering. As a relatively small and agile company, TWINT is able to actively follow innovations and trends in this area and thus also provide plenty more in terms of innovation to the Swiss financial centre.

Which TWINT functions do you personally use the most?

Andreas Kubli: Due to the merger between Paymit and TWINT, my peer-to-peer network has increased greatly. This means I make more transactions with friends. I also regularly shop online without having to enter my credit card details. With Digitec and Galaxus, for example.

Daniel Previdoli: I also use TWINT on a daily basis, be it to pay for my lunch or to send money directly to others, for example my children. With TWINT, I can do this conveniently without the need for cash. It is precisely such applications that are now even easier with TWINT – especially at locations where only cash is currently accepted.


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