Use your fingerprint and pay quicker with TWINT

Do you want to pay even faster with TWINT? You can now pay by fingerprint on both iOS and Android devices. This is just one of the functions and features we offer. Give it a go!

A women conveniently opens her TWINT app with her fingerprint
Open the app more conveniently using your fingerprint

The most convenient way to open TWINT is via Touch ID or fingerprint. There is no need to enter your PIN and it is quicker to pay at the cash register. This is a real advantage if you have your hands full with shopping bags or are carrying a coffee to go. iPhone Touch ID and Android fingerprint scanners now work with all TWINT apps.

Faster online shopping: how to pay without a credit card

You can pay with TWINT in many online shops – without the arduous task of having to enter your credit card details. Simply choose TWINT as your payment method and point your smartphone camera at the QR code. Payment is confirmed with just one click. Paying online with TWINT is not only faster but also more secure.

A man scans the QR code on the laptop screen with the TWINT app

With TWINT, entering your credit card details when shopping online is now a thing of the past.

The nicer way to request money

With TWINT it is not only possible to send money to friends and family, you can also request it. Sometimes these things can be forgotten. With TWINT you can send a kind and gracious message – with a picture and text.

Get down to it: send money

Do you want to send someone money with TWINT but don’t know whether this person uses TWINT? That doesn’t matter. The recipient receives an SMS inviting him/her to register with TWINT. If the recipient chooses not to register, the money is automatically recredited to your account after four days. There is no risk for you at all.

Do you require support?

Do you have questions about TWINT or is something not working? The support team contact details for your TWINT app can be found under “Customer Service”.


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