The TWINT festival guide

The festival season has already started. The next instalment will take place on 29 June with OpenAir St.Gallen. Good weather? Bad weather? Do I need sun cream or would a rain jacket actually be more appropriate? These are all important questions for festival goers. Those who turn up without the right gear usually find themselves feeling cold or are left with no choice but to throw their mud-covered Converse shoes straight in the bin after the festival.

Now, we at TWINT are anticipating a fantastic festival summer and therefore want to share a few tips for the weekends ahead to ensure that you enjoy some unforgettable experiences:

  • Have you not yet purchased a ticket for your favourite festival? There is no need to despair – tickets are still available for many of Switzerland’s festivals. Pay conveniently now for your ticket with TWINT at or
  • You want memories that will last forever? Buy a disposable camera from Quicksnap now at BRACK.CH. Thanks to its waterproof case, it can also be used for snapshots in poor weather.

  • You don’t have a tent yet? As you will be missing out on sleep anyway, we recommend a practical pop-up tent from Galaxus. Don’t forget: make sure not to leave the tent behind after the festival and dispose of it properly – the environment and cleaning team will thank you for this.

  • Do you already know the BLS app? It allows you to buy your public transport tickets from the comfort of your own home – travelling in Switzerland has rarely been so worry-free and convenient thanks to You can also pay for your upcoming trip to the festival in the app using TWINT.

  • Some festivals have now introduced a cashless system but this also has its pitfalls. Have you already used up your credit? Don’t worry! Simply twint a friend who still has credit and help will already be at hand.
  • The showers were all taken again this morning and your best friends are now attracting a swarm of flies? is there to help with its wide range of dry shampoos – meaning your hair still looks fresh and clean even after a couple of days.

  • Did the weather forecast get it wrong and following the festival you now need new Converse shoes after they were caked in mud? You can find them here:


On this note, we would like to wish you a wonderful festival summer from TWINT!


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