App-Development: Team VAS

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Who are we? 

A small delivery team which’s working on marketing automation processes

What is exciting about your work? 

That we have a big variety of work (from production issues to new features, small enhancements, or system improvements) We know why they are working but it is tricky to find out why they are not working?

What distinguishes your work at TWINT? 
Within the team:
Short line of communication, direct feedback, short improvement cycles and many independent releases
Across the TWINT Teams / TWINT family:
Short line of communication over tickets or short calls and no artificial hierarchies

What’s the difference in the TWINT working environment than to other companies?

We are a smaller team, which makes it more exciting than working at a big company. We have a faster pace due to more releases at TWINT

What motivates you working at TWINT?

The motivation is working for the most downloaded and used app in Switzerland. We are part of a growing community and we work with so many motivated people here at TWINT with various backgrounds – this is exciting.


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