Summer, holidays, TWINT – the perfect trio

Hot temperatures, long sunny days and time for great holidays abroad or simply to relax on your balcony – summer is here in all its glory! To help you cope with the heat during your holidays, we have put together a few useful tips that show how TWINT can make it even easier for you to enjoy the summer.

Summer and Holidays with TWINT
The overflowing letterbox

You’re sure to be familiar with this situation: you come back from your holiday and find your letterbox bursting with crumpled letters. This doesn't have to happen. Before your holiday, simply instruct Swiss Post to retain or redirect your letters and parcels until you come back. You can book the service online and just pay with TWINT – even if you’re already abroad.

Bargains in the summer sale

You haven’t got your outfits ready for your upcoming beach holiday? If so, there’s no time like the present. You can take advantage of the summer sales at most shops now. And if there happens to be a storm raging outside, you can sit back and browse through the online stores’ offers. Thanks to TWINT, you can pay quickly without having to enter long numbers.

All those holiday costs

Whether sightseeing in the city, playing beach volleyball at the coast or enjoying a hip cocktail party in the moonlight – there’s no better way to spend your holiday with friends. However, it’s easy to quickly track of your joint spending. Who owes who how much? With TWINT, there’s no need for things to get heated, as you can simply send money to your friends or receive money from them.

The much longed-for thirst quencher

Marinated delicacies belong to summer like cheese fondue does to winter. But the hearty seasoning makes you thirsty. After enjoying a pleasant evening with friends, you can suddenly feel the need for a drink while waiting for your train. Luckily, you can pay at Selecta vending machines in no time at all with TWINT – without the need for change.

Blockbusters under the stars

What could be better than enjoying a spectacular film on a mild summer’s night with popcorn and a cool drink? And not just anywhere with just anyone, but rather at an open-air cinema with your friends. But what if your friends don’t have any cash at hand to pay you for the tickets purchased in advance? No problem: with TWINT, your friends can transfer the money to you quickly and safely.


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