Stamp card

Be visible in the very place that everyone looks several times a day: the smartphones of your customers. TWINT stamp cards allow you to increase customer loyalty – in a simple and fully digital manner.

A subtle grey background decorated with a handful of light grey hexagons.

How it works

1. Order online

You can order a stamp card simply online. The stamp card is displayed to your target group* directly in the TWINT app.

*Existing customers who already paid using TWINT as well as new customers from your area.

2. Customers collect stamps

Users activate your stamp card in the app and automatically collect stamps when they make TWINT payments with you. No paper cards or additional work is involved whatsoever.

3. Customers are rewarded

Upon completing the stamp card, customers receive a coupon which is automatically redeemed the next time they make a purchase. They also receive a new stamp card with which they can continue collecting stamps.


You get one stamp per CHF 10. Upon collecting ten stamps, customers receive a coupon worth CHF 10 which they can redeem the next time they make a purchase.

Our offer for you

TWINT sets up the stamp card for you, displays it in your target group’s TWINT app and sends you a detailed report every week.

for up to ten storesCHF 30 per month and store
for more than ten storesOn request

This product requires the use of a TWINT payment solution. The fee includes a weekly report containing all details. The offer lasts for one year and is automatically extended by a further year if it is not terminated three months prior to the expiry of the one-year period. The fixed costs (annual fee) are billed to you in advance. The coupon discounts redeemed with you by TWINT users upon completing a stamp card will be billed for on a monthly basis. The stamp card will be activated in the TWINT apps within ten working days.

Your benefits

Smartphones are ideal for measures aimed at boosting customer loyalty: your customers always have them at their side.

  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Reach new customers
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Completely digital
  • Fair conditions
  • Full transparency
  • Free advertising material

Order form

Take advantage of the benefits offered by a TWINT stamp card! You can order one here in a simple manner in a matter of minutes.

Mobile Marketing – Stempelkarte Standard

Product selection

Please select desired stamp card type.

Please note: amount must be at least CHF 5.
Please note: amount must be at least CHF 5.

Where would you like to activate the stamp card?

If you wish to activate the stamp card for both places, in your stores and web shop, please enter the orders separately.

Please note: Maximum of 10 stores. Do you have more than 10 stores? If so, request an offer.

Contact details



Please note: The e-mail address will be used for reports and correspondence.

Enter discount code

If you have received a discount code, enter it here and take advantage of the relevant offer.

By clicking on the order button below, the contractual partner issues a binding offer for the conclusion of a Mobile Marketing Agreement that will be concluded upon the provision of the subsequent electronic confirmation by TWINT. Your IP address will be saved together with the order.

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