Stamp card conditions of participation

1. Organiser and scope

The ’10 for 10′ promotion (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Promotion’) shall be organised by TWINT AG (hereinafter referred to as ‘TWINT’). By taking part in the Promotion, participants accept these conditions of participation.

2. Promotion

TWINT users can take part in the Promotion using the ‘Stamp card activation’ function in the TWINT app. By making use of this function, all TWINT payments for an amount of at least CHF 1 shall automatically be counted as ‘stamps’ on a ‘stamp card’ in the app. After making ten payments, participants shall receive a credit of CHF 10.

The stamp card must be activated within 30 days of appearing in the app. After this deadline expires, the stamp card shall be removed from the app. The ten payments must be made within a period of a maximum of two months after the stamp card is activated.

Transfers made using the ‘Send and request money’ function shall be excluded from the Promotion and shall not be taken into account on the stamp card.

Participants with ten payments of at least CHF 1 shall automatically receive a coupon in the TWINT app with a credit code worth CHF 10. The credit code can be redeemed directly in the app.

During the entire Promotion, only the first ten payments of at least CHF 1 made by each participant shall be taken into account. Each participant shall therefore receive a maximum of one credit code per TWINT app.

3. Eligibility

All individuals aged 12 and above and residing in Switzerland who have registered with TWINT since the start of the bank’s stamp card Promotion and have connected an account of a bank supporting the Promotion with the TWINT app shall be eligible to participate in the Promotion.

The stamp card shall only be displayed to customers if their bank supports the Promotion.

The number of ‘stamp cards’ per participant shall be limited to one per TWINT app.

Participants who fail to comply with these conditions of participation may be excluded from the Promotion (also retroactively).

4. Disclaimer

TWINT shall endeavour to ensure the uninterrupted availability and fault-free usability of the Promotion in the TWINT app, but cannot guarantee this at all times. In the case of an interruption in availability, one possible consequence may be that it is no longer possible to collect stamps. Provided that TWINT exercises the level of care and due diligence customary in the industry, it shall bear no liability for any losses suffered due to interruptions of this kind. TWINT shall reserve the right to cancel, change or prematurely end the Promotion at any time without providing prior notice or stating reasons. In such a case, participants shall have no claims against TWINT. Any stamps already collected shall expire upon the end of the Promotion. There shall be no right of appeal and there shall be no correspondence regarding the Promotion.