Security that meets Swiss standards

The Swiss banks involved in TWINT guarantee the strongest possible security and data protection.

What we do

Protected access

Protected access

Your TWINT app is protected with a PIN or Touch ID. If you lose your smartphone, you can contact us and have your TWINT account blocked at any time.

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Secure transactions

Secure transactions

TWINT is as secure as e-banking. The money is not stored directly on the smartphone. All transactions take place in a secure environment.

Comprehensive data protection

Comprehensive data protection

TWINT stores all personal data at a secure location in Switzerland. Good to know: TWINT AG shall never disclose this personal data to business customers and/or third parties without the express approval of customers in the TWINT app.

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What you can do

In addition to what we do for the security of your data, you can also make your own contribution. Here we show you some tips and tricks to ensure maximum security.

When you are using the TWINT app to send or receive money:

  • Never validate a ‘TWINT’ payment whose recipient you don’t know. When you receive a request for a P2P payment, don’t validate the payment unless you expect to receive the payment request. Carefully check the recipients’ details so that you are sending the payment to the correct person, and don’t rely on the message field in the payment request, this field is not part of the payment and is used only for communication.
  • When you initiate a P2P payment, use your contact list and check you have the correct details. Use the real name of the person and not a nickname for the payment.
  • If you are not sure you have the correct phone number of a person, ask the person if they can send you a payment request instead of sending money directly to them. That way you can make sure that the money gets to the correct recipient.
  • It is not possible to initiate a P2P payment with a QR code. If you are initiating a P2P payment, you do this via a phone number and recipient name.
  • P2P is meant for private transactions with friends and family. Don’t use it to buy goods and services from unknown sellers. Sellers should offer QR code based payment with TWINT.
  • Never use the ‘Release Money’ functionality to initiate payments.

Remember to regularly review:

  • The default TWINT app and the associated bank account for incoming transfers in case you have multiple TWINT apps and accounts, as it is only possible to receive payments on one account.
  • The list of merchants for whom you have saved TWINT as your payment method.
  • Your saved loyalty membership cards. Make sure these are updated and that the details are correct.

When you are shopping online:

  • Make sure you’re on the right online shop by carefully checking the domain name.
  • The send/request money feature of TWINT is meant for private transactions with friends and family only. If you want to use this feature to buy goods or services, especially from people you don’t know and who aren’t present like sellers on classified ad platforms, please be aware you might lose your money because of fraud.
  • Don’t supply any details or information on websites that are untrusted.
  • Always protect your usernames and passwords, and never share these with anyone.
  • In case you have multiple TWINT apps installed on your phone, make sure you’re selecting the right app to make the payment when the phone switches from the online store to the payment application.

And finally remember, as a TWINT user:

  • TWINT will never ask you for personal information, financial information or passwords via email, SMS, phone or mail except for identification by the support.
  • TWINT will never send you unsolicited emails or SMS with links and ask you to log into your account unless you have not yet downloaded the TWINT app and someone wants to send you money.
  • TWINT is only available as an application for iOS and Android, there is no web portal for the TWINT app.
  • Don’t allow anyone to ‘stress’ you with demands like, ‘unless you pay now, you will receive a fine or be charged a fee’. For example, scammers may use current events, emergency or political situations to contact you and ask for payments.
  • Only download the TWINT app from the Apple app store or the Google Play Store.
  • Report suspicious emails and spam you receive in your inbox.
  • If in doubt, contact the local authorities or police.

Data Privacy

TWINT attaches great importance to data protection and transparency. We would like to take this opportunity to provide users with a brief explanation of what data we store and for what purposes it is used. The GTCs accepted upon installing the app are legally binding.

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Have you forgotten your TWINT PIN / your TWINT password or would you like to receive more information about security of the TWINT app? Please visit our FAQ area.

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Do you need help to solve a problem or do you have general questions about the security of TWINT? Contact the support of your TWINT app.

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It does not matter who you bank with: TWINT is available to everybody. Ideally, you should select the TWINT app of a bank with which you have an account. This will allow you to link the app to your bank account.

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