‘Schulthess views online and mobile payments as the future’

Tenants know how it works: if you want to do your washing, you insert a card or key in the laundry room or pay with coins. At the Swissbau trade fair in Basel (16 to 20 January 2018), the washing machine manufacturer Schulthess will present a new option: TWINT payments.

Washing machine and dryer from Schulthess

Marijo Butkovic, Head of Sales and Marketing at Schulthess, views TWINT as the perfect addition to the existing systems.

Mr Butkovic, in future it is envisaged that it will also be possible to pay with TWINT when washing with a Schulthess washing machine. How will this work?
The machines will be smart and communicate via the Internet with the Schulthess cloud solution. This will allow us to integrate various payment methods in our system. Nothing will change for users with regard to operating the washing machines. Instead of paying using coins or a prepaid card, they will now also have the option to pay conveniently using the TWINT app.

Why did you decide to integrate TWINT as a payment method?
We believe that online and mobile payments, as an addition to the existing systems, are the future in this area. As a Swiss manufacturer, we like to work with local partners and develop joint solutions.

When will the new option be implemented?
 We will present the concept at the Schulthess stand at the Swissbau trade fair in January 2018. We will then begin with the first field tests and are planning to roll out the solution during the second half of 2018.

How do you use TWINT yourself?
Whenever the option is available to pay with TWINT at cash registers I try to utilise it – especially when I am in a rush.

The image shows a portrait of Marijo ButkovicThe image shows a portrait of Marijo ButkovicThe image shows a portrait of Marijo Butkovic

The image shows a portrait of Marijo ButkovicAbout Marijo Butkovic
Marijo Butkovic is the national Head of Sales and Marketing for Schulthess small machines and as a member of the Executive Board is contributing significantly to the digitisation of products. Schulthess Maschinen AG produces first-class washing machines and dryers in the Zurich Oberland region and is a leader in the area of innovative solutions in the laundry sector.


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