With TWINT, you pay quickly, easily and cash-free.

Paymit TWINT
Goodbye to cash: TWINT is a digital wallet for your mobile phone.
TWINT is very simple: install the app, connect your bank account or postal bank account or simply upload cash, pay with your smartphone – done!

Dein digitales Portemonnaie.

Your digital wallet.

You can use the TWINT shopping and payments app to pay for your purchases quickly and easily, cash-free! Forget cash and leave your bulky wallet at home.

Free and independent.

You load credit onto your TWINT app however you want, simply via a connection to your bank account, with a payment slip, at the post office ATM, or with a prepaid card. You can do this regardless of your bank or telecom provider. TWINT works on most Android or iOS smartphones.

Send and request money.

Send and request money.

You can also use TWINT to transfer money from smartphone to smartphone (P2P). It is easy to send money to your friends or to request and receive funds from them.
How it works

Offering you a great deal of added value.

With TWINT, you always have your stamp cards and coupons at hand – digitalised and sorted in your app. If you pay with TWINT, you automatically collect stamps and redeem the coupons for free products and discounts.

Waiting is a thing of the past.

Waiting is a thing of the past.

With the ‘Order & Pick up’ function, queues are a thing of the past. Just select products when you’re on the move, pay with TWINT and pick up your order at your desired time. How it works

As secure as e-banking.

Switzerland’s biggest banks and SIX are involved in TWINT. TWINT can also count on a large number of partner banks. This makes it easier to link TWINT to your account and means that you can make payments in a secure and efficient manner.

Digitalise customer loyalty cards.

With TWINT, you always have an overview of your customer loyalty cards. Ideally, you should store them digitally in the app so that you can access them at all times. When you make payments with TWINT, you then automatically take advantage of the respective benefits.

Easily link to your account.

TWINT works together with various partner banks. If you have an account with one of these banks, you can connect it to TWINT in just a few steps. For accounts at other banks, you can use direct debit.

Top Tips.

TWINT keeps an eye out for things you might like: shops in your town, the latest stores and stores that are especially popular with other TWINT users.

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