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Business Chief Europe: TWINT – Payments, just better

TWINT is unique as it integrates peer-to-peer platforms in a way not previously seen. ‘TWINT is modified to…

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TWINT’s ‘Australia’ fundraising campaign enjoys huge success

Australia is currently being plagued by the worst bushfires in its history. Since September, 10 million hectares of land have…

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Two million users make TWINT the number one in Switzerland

The smartphone has now established itself as a means of payment. TWINT is observing an ever-growing number of users who…

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TWINT now offers direct account integration for Graubündner Kantonalbank

The GKB introduced its previous prepaid solution back in 2016. Now customers of Graubündner Kantonalbank can download the TWINT app…

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TWINT and RaiseNow are digitalising the fundraising market

TWINT and RaiseNow will be at the Inspire fundraising event in Zurich today to showcase their new digital fundraising solution.

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TWINT users set to be able to use the app to make payments in Europe

The smartphone has now established itself as a means of payment in a large number of European countries. These generally…

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