Ordering food is child’s play with TWINT and Smood

Frau mit gelber Jacke packt gelieferte Box mit Essen aus auf ihrem Sofa zu Hause

If you are ever hungry, but don’t have any idea what to cook or simply cannot be bothered to get stuck in in the kitchen, then why not simply have your food delivered to you? Regardless of whether you are at home, out and about or in the office, you can now order your favourite food directly from Smood in your TWINT app and have it conveniently delivered. Discover the wide range of culinary options available to you now and try this service out.

Frau mit gelber Jacke packt gelieferte Box mit Essen aus auf ihrem Sofa zu Hause
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Ordering food is so easy

Placing an order is super straightforward!

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Step 1

Open your TWINT app and tap TWINT+ and then “Order food”.

Step 2

Enter your delivery address as well as your desired delivery time.
You can of course also preorder your food well in advance (for example, you can order it in the morning to have it delivered in the evening) before you start acting out of character because you are hungry. 🙂

Step 3

Would you like to order a specific type of food? If so, use the relevant filters to help you find the right restaurants for you. Once you have found the right restaurant, you can select the products you want to order.

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Step 4

Log in or create a Smood account. Tap “Pay” and pay for your order directly in the TWINT app.

Step 5

Track the status of your order directly via the TWINT app and see when the courier will ring your doorbell!

The TWINT team wishes you “bon appétit!”

Do you still have questions about placing an order with Smood in TWINT+?

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Delivery area

Smood delivers delicious meals from popular restaurants in Switzerland to you. The delivery area is constantly being expanded. Find out directly from Smood about the cities and restaurants in which you can order your favourite food.


The following benefits are available to you when ordering food in TWINT+:

  •  It’s even more convenient to order food to be delivered to your home directly in the TWINT app
  • It’s easy to use your smartphone to pay in just a few seconds
  • You no longer need to laboriously pay by invoice, credit card or QR code

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