TWINT: Send money conveniently and securely with your smartphone

Pay for your bargain in a convenient, fast and secure manner with the TWINT app of Swiss banks. If both the seller and buyer use TWINT, the amount is simply transferred via smartphone to the recipient in real time – without the need to log into e-banking or enter an IBAN number. This means that the seller can rest assured that the article has been paid for and can deliver it immediately.

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Send money with TWINT as a buyer

Twinting is faster than most other payment methods. As a buyer, you can pay for your article in a simple manner using your smartphone. The money is sent to the seller in real time. And your article will be sent to you right away. There are no transaction fees and the app is free of charge. The important thing is that the seller also uses TWINT. Ideally, you should contact the seller directly and propose that the payment is made via TWINT.

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Download the TWINT app now

It does not matter who you bank with: TWINT is available to everybody. Ideally, you should select the TWINT app of a bank with which you have an account. This will allow you to link the app to your bank account.

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