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Take out pet insurance online with TWINT

dog and kitten

A worry-free life for you and your four-legged friend with TWINT: tailored pet insurance for your loyal companion – simple, quick and with special benefits.

dog and kitten

How it works

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Open your TWINT app, tap TWINT and select the «Insurance» section.

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Select the pet insurance and enter your personal details. The offers are provided by Würth Financial Services AG.

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Review the summary, confirm your selection and return to the TWINT app for fast and secure payment.

Do I need pet insurance? 

Is your dog or cat important to you? If so, make sure your pet receives the best medical care.

The pet insurance offered by our insurance partner protects you from running up high costs – with efficient and beneficial all-round protection.

You are insured if your pet:

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  • needs veterinary treatment and medication. Be it diagnostic tests, radiological examinations or surgical procedures. Pet insurance will provide you with financial support.
  • requires emergency transportation to the nearest vet. Pet insurance will cover the additional costs generated as a result (Clever and Optima insurance packages*).
  • requires rehabilitation. Pet insurance will cover any chiropractic and physiotherapy costs (Clever and Optima insurance packages*).
  • is surgically neutered or receives mandatory vaccinations. Here, your insurance will cover the associated treatment costs (Clever and Optima insurance packages*).
  • requires chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat cancer. Pet insurance will cover the costs here (Optima insurance package*).
  • requires treatment for hereditary and breed-related diseases. The treatment costs are covered here (Optima insurance package*).

*Precise details of the various product variants can be found directly upon selecting the respective insurance package under the “Insurance” partner function in TWINT.

What are the advantages of taking out pet insurance via TWINT? 

With TWINT, you can insure your four-legged friend at even better conditions. Würth Financial Services provides:

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Flexible offers

You can find flexible contract models in your TWINT app. The insurance offers you a minimum term of 6 months, after which time termination of the contract is subject to 1 month’s notice. You are free to choose the amount of your deductible and your desired insurance package.

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A quick and easy process for taking out insurance

With no extra costs and without having to fill out any paperwork, you can take out pet insurance online in just a few taps of the screen in your TWINT app. The premium will be automatically charged to your TWINT account every month.

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Simple processes

Making a claim is simple: all you have to do is report the claim in the TWINT app under “My insurance policies”. Should you have any questions, you can also contact the insurer directly from the app.

Good to know:

You have a free choice of vet. Only requirements:

  • The practising veterinarian holds a federal diploma or an equivalent qualification.
  • They are a member of the “Swiss Veterinary Society” (GST/SVS).

FAQ: Pet insurance with TWINT

Here, you will find the most important answers to the most asked questions.

Why do I need pet insurance?

This insurance provides you with financial protection against the risk of rising veterinary health costs and ensures your four-legged friends can receive medical care at all times. This means you always have your veterinary costs under control.

Which animals can I insure?

You can insure dogs and cats older than three months. After taking out a policy, your four-legged friend can then remain insured for the remainder of its life. Insurance can no longer be taken out for animals older than 6 years of age.

Is my pet insurance valid everywhere in the world?

The pet insurance is valid worldwide.

How long is the contract term for my pet insurance?

Pet insurance can be taken out for a minimum term of 6 months. The policy will be extended automatically by a further month unless you cancel it subject to a 1-month notice period directly in the app under “My insurance policies”.

Is the pet insurance subject to a waiting period?

Yes, the following waiting periods apply upon taking out pet insurance:

  • Accident: 10 days after the commencement of the insurance coverage
  • Illness: 30 days after the commencement of the insurance coverage
  • Chronic illnesses as well as hereditary and breed-related illnesses: 90 days after the commencement of the insurance coverage

What is the situation with respect to the excess, deductible and cost sharing?

In principle, pet insurance follows the same logic as your own health insurance. There is therefore a deductible (annual excess) that you define yourself when taking out the insurance. As soon as the insured costs exceed the deductible, 90% of the insured costs will be covered for each insured claim, meaning that you must cover a share of 10% of the costs in each instance. How to find the overview of your policies.

How many claims can I make per year with pet insurance?

There are no restrictions on the number of claims you can make per year. Only the amount insured per insurance year is restricted depending on the insurance model selected.

What is the difference between a domestic cat and an outdoor cat?

Domestic cats stay in the flat or in other spaces that cannot be reached by other cats (balcony, fenced garden, etc.). Outdoor cats don’t only stay in your home, but instead also spend time outdoors away from your home and thus come into contact with other cats.

What should I do if the breed of my dog isn’t listed?

All official and common dog breeds should be included in the list. For cases in which the breed of your dog is actually not included or your dog is a mixed breed, you can select “mongrel” as the breed  from the list. The weight refers to the animal’s weight when fully grown (small: up to 10 kg / medium: up to 25 kg / large: up to 40 kg / very large: 41 kg and above)

Other questions?

All of the answers to questions on insurances via TWINT are available here:

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