You can now pay with TWINT on the PostBus

Postautochauffeur schaut auf Gast der mit Smartphone in der Hand mit TWINT bezahlt
Tickets for the PostBus can now be paid for using TWINT – quickly, simply and hygienically. PostBus Switzerland is thus looking to a digital alternative to cash.

As of 1 October 2021, TWINT can be used to buy tickets in almost 2000 PostBus vehicles in Switzerland. With the introduction of TWINT, PostBus is now offering an alternative payment method to cash in most of the PostBus regions in Switzerland – except for in Ticino and the Zürcher Verkehrsverbund (ZVV). With TWINT, tickets can be paid for quickly, simply and hygienically.

The first digital payment method to be used in PostBus vehicles

In places where cash used to be essential, payments can now also be made contactlessly with TWINT. The more than 3.5 million active TWINT users are now able to buy and pay for a ticket in PostBus vehicles spontaneously and digitally. PostBus now offers this alternative payment method in addition to buying a ticket in advance in the online shop, a method which is still recommended. PostBus is confident that offering TWINT in more than 2000 vehicles will fulfil one of the needs of a large number of its passengers. The demand for alternative payment methods grew massively during the pandemic. PostBus therefore sees TWINT as an ideal addition to the existing methods of paying with cash for passengers who want to buy their ticket in the vehicle.

TWINT opens up further requirements

The more than 3.5 million active TWINT users already purchase a great many tickets via the app – the fact that a ticket can now also be paid for spontaneously on the PostBus simply, quickly and securely in a ski resort or after an autumn hike, for example, means that another milestone has been reached. “Our aim is to simplify the lives of our users to the greatest extent possible. We have now succeeded in doing this in yet another place, namely in the over 2000 PostBus vehicles,” said a delighted Markus Kilb, CEO of TWINT.