TWINT’s ‘Australia’ fundraising campaign enjoys huge success

The first major joint fundraising campaign between WWF and TWINT has been a huge success. Thanks to this collaboration, CHF 270,000 has been raised in just six days to help restore the koala bears’ habitat which is burning down in the Australian outback. TWINT users have been extremely active in supporting this cause, with more than 6000 transactions sent as donations. Donations to help the koala bears in Australia can still be made via the TWINT app until Thursday, 23 January 2020.

Australia is currently being plagued by the worst bushfires in its history. Since September, 10 million hectares of land have fallen victim to the fires, which is equivalent to an area twice the size of Switzerland. Thousands of people have lost their homes and around one billion animals have died, including thousands of koala bears, kangaroos, kookaburras as well as many other species.

After having raised around CHF 270,000 in donations in just six days, it is safe to say that the TWINT donors have been very generous. TWINT users can also receive a donation receipt on request. In the TWINT app, users can request that the receipt be sent to their homes by post immediately after making a donation.

'If you want to make a donation, all you need now is a smartphone and the TWINT app – Switzerland’s digital cash solution. Users can use the TWINT app to make a personal contribution to help relieve the distress caused by the Australian bushfires, for example', said Markus Kilb, CEO of TWINT.

The donations will be used to provide direct aid to animals at risk and to support long-term efforts to restore the habitat of the koala bears and other animals affected by the fires.

'The bushfires in Australia have taken on a new dimension this season. Extreme drought, long and severe heatwaves and an extremely early start have resulted in the worst fire season ever seen in Australia. In this hour of need, we feel fortunate to be able to count on the donations made by TWINT users', said Valerie Passardi, Head of Forests at WWF.

With over 2 million registered users and a growth rate of approximately 239% (2018 vs. 2019) in terms of active users, TWINT has developed into an effective fundraising tool for every fundraising campaign.

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