TWINT thinks big with a huge shopping cart!

twint big purchase

A colossal shopping cart forms the centrepiece of the latest TWINT promotional campaign – and not just digitally either. The physical installation at Stadelhofen station in Zürich will certainly make an impression on passers-by! TWINT is using this campaign to draw attention to the ability to use the app to make purchases of all sizes.

Many of the 170,000 passengers that arrive at Stadelhofen station on 31 August and 1 September 2022 may very well rub their eyes in disbelief. TWINT has heralded its latest promotional campaign to use the TWINT app as a payment method in the retail sector with a giant shopping cart. You literally cannot lose sight of the message – i.e. TWINT is the ideal payment method for purchases of any size, whether it’s for your weekly shopping in the supermarket, a spending spree in clothes stores or the purchase of a bicycle: TWINT can be used to make cashless payments for larger purchases too – simply, quickly and securely.

It has not been long since TWINT established itself as one of the most popular payment methods in Switzerland. According to a survey carried out by the Ipsos market research institution, no other payment methods are recommended to others as frequently in Switzerland.[1] The TWINT app is not only actively used to send money to friends and family members, it is also an extremely popular way to pay for the weekly shopping at the cash register. Around two-thirds of all TWINT transactions are made in the retail sector. More than 4 million active users of the TWINT app are able to make cashless payments in stores where a QR code is displayed on the payment terminal.

TWINT can also be used to make larger payments simply, quickly and securely – at the cash register in bricks and mortar stores as well as in online shops. In addition to in numerous smaller shops, TWINT can also be used in major retailers such as Coop, Migros, Aldi, Spar and Denner. TWINT has set itself the target of using digital innovations to make the everyday lives of people in Switzerland easier. At the heart of this endeavour are useful functions that can be used in everyday life to simplify the making of payments and everything related to this. You can even use the app if your shopping cart is full to the brim.

[1] Source: Representative online survey carried out by IPSOS Global Market Research on behalf of TWINT with 1000 participants aged between 16 and 65. (May 2022)