Twint swiss wide at around 600 farm shops

Paying for shopping directly at farm shops is now even easier. TWINT has entered into a partnership with Swiss Farmers’ Union to launch the cashless payment system. Consumers now only need to have the TWINT app on their smartphone to pay for their shopping. A list of shops now offering TWINT as a payment method is available at

Would you like to be able to pay for your shopping in Swiss farm shops quickly and easily, even if you have left your wallet or purse at home or only have large notes? Thanks to the partnership with Swiss farmers’ Union, consumers can now do this in Swiss farm shops, at weekly markets or directly at flower fields.

Consumers simply need to download the TWINT app to their smartphones to pay for their shopping at farm shops, thus making the need to have the right change a thing of the past. Some 600 farming families are already offering the possibility of using the cashless payment system.

Details of all of the farm shops that offer TWINT as a payment method can be found at Simply enter 'TWINT' in the search field when looking for farm shops and you will be provided with a list of all of the farm shops that offer TWINT as a payment method.

'Vom Hof' is the largest platform for direct marketers and already counts over 1,400 farm shops among its ranks. When searching for farm shops, you can also apply a filter to search by canton or for specific products. Everyone can now have access to a regional and varied range of products direct from the farm.

TWINT is available for everyone to use. Simply download the app, register and you’re ready to go. Payments are processed by scanning the QR code in the farm shop, entering the respective amount and selecting 'Pay'.

The payment will be made directly to the recipient and you can bag up your shopping right away.

Paying for your shopping has never been as easy, straightforward and fast.

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