TWINT prevails over Apple Pay

At the start of December, Apple agreed to no longer 'squeeze out' the TWINT app with its own payment function. With this commitment, Apple has avoided a possible trial before the Swiss Competition Commission (ComCo), which had become active following a complaint from TWINT. The NFC interface on iPhones, which can still not be used, was not part of this complaint.

Following Apple’s decision to soften its stance, TWINT has the opportunity to prevent the superseding of its own payment solution by 'Apple Pay'. Until now, it was possible that 'Apple Pay' could throw TWINT customers out of the payment process when making payments at cash-register terminals. Apple will now allow TWINT to structure its app in such a manner that 'Apple Pay' is no longer able to hinder the payment process. 'Apple Pay' is otherwise available to customers at all times.

A hearing of the two parties before ComCo officials in Bern scheduled for 10 December of this year was thus no longer required. On 27 June 2017, TWINT filed a complaint against the US-based group citing abuse of its dominant market position. This complaint did not, however, include the use of the NFC interface, which Apple prevents on its iPhone for all other apps.

Søren Mose, Chairman of the TWINT Board of Directors, said: 'We are delighted that Apple no longer wants to discriminate against its competitors in Switzerland. However, the activation of the NFC interface, as offered by Android, has not yet been achieved with this step. It would be desirable for Apple to fully open up this interface for its competitors.'

Markus Kilb, CEO of TWINT, added: 'The agreement will put an end to this obstruction by Apple. This means we will be able to ensure our customers enjoy uninterrupted use of TWINT at cash-register terminals. We are continuing to work intensively on expanding our product on an ongoing basis.'

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