TWINT: in every day-to-day situation

The number of marketplace offerings more than double in no time at all

In only a year, the most popular payment app in Switzerland has more than doubled the number of offerings on its TWINT+ marketplace. Everything can now be ordered and paid for simply via the app – be it parking fees, coffee orders or tickets. 

In only a year, TWINT has more than doubled the number of offerings on its marketplace and there are also huge plans for the coming year.

The possible areas of use are varied 
Users have been able to pay parking fees, buy vouchers online and make donations via the TWINT app for a long time. The current areas of use are constantly being expanded. Users can now pay parking fees in selected multi-storey car parks as if by magic: Upon driving into the multi-storey car park, the vehicle registration plate is read, identified and assigned to the respective user’s TWINT app at the barrier – the barrier opens, the user parks their car and upon leaving the car park, the user is automatically charged for the parking session via the TWINT app. This means that there is no longer any need to buy a ticket or to walk to the ticket machine, and there’s also no longer any risk of losing your car park ticket. In 2022, further car parks will be gradually added to this system.
Making everyday life simpler on the market place 
In 2021, TWINT has introduced within the app both the simplified cash withdrawal function in more than 2300 Kiosk and Volg branches with its partner sonect as well as simple insurance offerings together with its partner Würth Insurance. As of 1 November 2021, the popular Nespresso capsules have also been able to be ordered directly in the app, with users able to place their orders in the capsule shop with just a few taps of the screen and without having to laboriously enter personal information.

New: exclusive deals and special offers  
Since 15 November, TWINT has also been offering weekly deals on the marketplace under the name “TWINT Super Deals”.  Every week, exclusive special offers from different partners are made available to TWINT users on this new deal platform. While users can benefit from these unique offers, it also opens up a new sales channel with which our distribution partners can reach an audience of more than 4 million TWINT users.

Many more offers coming soon 
TWINT is planning for many more innovations to be launched on the TWINT marketplace in December 2021 and over the New Year in 2022. One such example is that users will be able to order food from restaurants quickly and easily via the TWINT app; another is that they will soon be able to buy tickets for a wide range of leisure activities. If you would like to buy a great gift for yourself or a loved one, you can also do this in the new experience voucher shop within the TWINT app. The vouchers will of course be sent in real time and with a seamless TWINT payment.