City of Zurich: Pay for your parking ticket with TWINT

Now that it is already possible to pay using the TWINT app at over 50,000 parking spaces across the country, the city of Zurich has followed suit. The advantages: no more hassle of finding change. If you use TWINT, you only pay the actual parking time. This is facilitated through a cooperation with Parkingpay, a service provided by Digitalparking. TWINT is not a direct contractual partner of the City of Zurich.

From the middle of April, the TWINT app can be used in Zurich to pay at parking meters. The TWINT QR code will be stuck onto the city’s 1350 parking meters in the in the next few weeks. It will be placed directly next to the Parkingpay logo.

To benefit from this offer, all drivers need to do is open the TWINT app, scan the TWINT QR code on the parking meter, enter their car registration number on a one-time basis and select the desired parking period in the app. The fee is then paid via TWINT and debited directly from the saved bank account or credit card. Should the driver leave their parking space earlier than planned, the remaining amount is automatically reimbursed via the TWINT app. This means that one only pays for the actual parking time.

There are no additional costs for the user who now has access to an additional, simpler and quicker payment type with TWINT alongside the option to pay in cash. Using the TWINT app is completely free and the user only needs an app to benefit from all services TWINT offers. Using the TWINT app, users can make purchases online and in shops, split their restaurant bill with friends and can now also pay for a parking space in Zurich. All of this can be done conveniently using an app – the TWINT app.

This innovative solution is made possible by the partnership between TWINT and Digitalparking, the Swiss specialist for car-park management. 'With TWINT, we have found a strong partner. By the end of 2019, Digitalparking will have launched the solution in half of Switzerland’s major towns and cities', says Reto Schläpfer, Managing Director of Digitalparking.

Since its initial launch in Zug last summer, a whole range of Swiss cities have begun offering TWINT as a payment method for parking spaces. There are now already over 50,000 parking spaces where this is possible in Switzerland. At you will find a map with all the places you can pay for parking using TWINT.

Markus Kilb, CEO of TWINT, said: 'I am particularly pleased to see that it is now possible to pay cashless for parking in Zurich, the largest Swiss city. TWINT is Switzerland’s digital cash. Users particularly like the fact that this is a simple parking-fee payment method without the hassle of finding coins.'

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