New TWINT umbrella campaign connects Switzerland

Everyday life in Switzerland is characterised by small and large differences in opinion – but people agree on one thing: we pay with TWINT. The new umbrella campaign playfully shows how TWINT connects Switzerland.

Are you a Coop or a Migros kid? Do you like rock concerts or visits to the opera? Do you prefer living in a city or in the countryside? Life in Switzerland involves contrasts and contradictions that are often discussed emotionally and controversially. TWINT’s new umbrella campaign makes it clear: no matter the disagreements, TWINT bridges all divides.

The first campaign with the new concept focuses on the ease of using the TWINT QR code to pay at every cash register and the convenience of saving loyalty cards in the TWINT app. The way in which people in Switzerland identify and connect with the TWINT brand forms the emotional focus of this concept. From everyday shopping in the supermarket to going to a concert or visiting a farm shop in the mountains:, TWINT, as one of the country’s most popular brands, connects people in Switzerland.

The multimedia campaign was designed by TWINT together with ERBE Creative, produced by Rocket Film GmbH and planned for media distribution by SiR MaRY. This comprises an entire range of TV advertisements, posters and animations that pick up on the contrasts of everyday life in Switzerland and single out TWINT as being the common denominator. Whether you’re a boomer or part of Gen Z, a cat or dog lover, everyone agrees on one thing: TWINT is Switzerland’s payment app and is used wherever quick and easy payments need to be made.