TWINT and RaiseNow are digitalising the fundraising market

Many fundraising organisations will now offer the option to twint donations. The tedious procedure with deposit slips is now history, giving donors an even easier way to make a difference.

TWINT and RaiseNow will be at the Inspire fundraising event in Zurich today to showcase their new digital fundraising solution. Together with Caritas Switzerland, the two companies will present one fundraising campaign that has already been a success. Caritas Switzerland donors were mailed a donation request letter that, for the first time, included the TWINT QR code. All they had to do was scan it in the TWINT app, pick one of three suggested donations or enter a specific donation amount and simply confirm the donation. The partners all agree that the campaign was a success: TWINT donors tend to donate more than people who make donations via conventional channels.

'As one of the largest fundraising organisations in Switzerland, it was clear to us that we wanted to include TWINT as a payment method. It has made it even easier for donors to complete the donation process,' explains Christoph Keiser, who is in charge of online fundraising for Caritas Switzerland.

TWINT users can also receive a donation receipt on request. In addition, the fundraising organisations can issue the TWINT QR code in either personalised or generic form. For instance, after scanning a QR code on a public billboard in a railway station, users would only have to enter their name and address manually. Or, if they scan the QR code found in the personalised Caritas donation letter, all of these details will be filled in automatically.

'Together with TWINT, we are revolutionising the fundraising market in Switzerland. While only a small percentage of donations are currently made from smartphones, we expect that this fundraising method will become much more popular in the future,' says Marco Zaugg, founder and CEO of RaiseNow.

CHF 1.6 billion in donations are collected in Switzerland each year – CHF 800 million of which is from private donors. Around 3% is currently donated via digital channels.

'Now, all you need if you want to donate money is a Smartphone and the TWINT app – Switzerland’s digital cash solution. Then people can make donations with practically no effort at all when they see a QR code on a poster, flyer or in a donation letter and therefore make a personal contribution to helping people in need in Switzerland and around the globe,' Markus Kilb, CEO of TWINT, is happy to report.

Soon, fundraising organisations can also publicize their fundraising campaigns directly with the Spotlight feature in TWINT. Users can then start the donation process directly from the TWINT app, without even having to scan a QR code first.

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