Switzerland loves TWINT

Awareness and popularity

TWINT regularly carries out surveys of the Swiss population as part of representative market studies. A number of aspects are of particular interest here, including the comparison with other payment methods and the level of awareness within the Swiss market. 

The name “TWINT” and the word “twint” mean something in Switzerland. Some 96 percent of the Swiss population are aware of the app, which aims to make the day-to-day lives of the Swiss population easier. With four million active users and even more registered users, it is difficult for many people to imagine life without TWINT. Approximately 42 percent of the Swiss population feel a connection to the brand. This puts TWINT ahead of credit and debit cards, and just behind cash in the popularity stakes.
More practical than cash 
However, users also see there to be many advantages of using TWINT instead of cash. All in all, they find TWINT to be very practical, as they always have TWINT to hand, more so than cash, and because “twinting” is – in their opinions – easier, more innovative, cooler and more hygienic than cash. Users have also commented that TWINT makes their daily lives considerably easier. The Swiss people taking part in this survey do not feel that cash can offer this prospect to the same extent. It therefore comes as no surprise in the latest survey results that TWINT is considered by 76% of respondents just as often as debit cards, sitting only slightly behind credit cards (86%) and cash (99%).
TWINT is being actively recommended to others 
No other payment method is recommended anywhere near as often as TWINT. This is providing ideal foundations on which TWINT can build in the future. In this net promoter score (also known as NPS), i.e. the rate at which an application is recommended to others, TWINT clearly has the highest score among all of the payment methods surveyed – including Apple Pay (19 points), Revolut (11 points), PayPal (25 points), cash (19 points), credit cards (15 points) and debit cards (14 points) – with 66 points. For this reason, TWINT will also continue with its efforts to expand the ways in which the app can be used and to make every possible day-to-day situation in Switzerland easier in the future.