Pay for major brands using TWINT

Uber, Uber Eats Mammut and VIU – you can now use TWINT to make payments to major brands. With this move, the Swiss payment app is expanding its wide range of application areas. This has been made possible by the new collaboration between TWINT and the international payment processor Adyen.

TWINT is the most popular payment app in Switzerland. Renowned for being able to be used to make in-person payments to supermarket chains and farm shops alike, the app is very popular among the Swiss population. Now, TWINT can also be used to pay for major international brands.

Adyen brings international partners

As one of the first local payment systems, TWINT has been added as an acquiring partner of Adyen. As a result, TWINT can now be used in the payment process for a large number of large brands and has access to major companies such as Uber, Uber Eats, Mammut and VIU. With this collaboration, TWINT is not just offering its customers an even larger range of shops in which they can use the app, it is also offering merchants a wider spectrum of options. Adyen’s customers currently include various companies from Silicon Valley. TWINT can be used as a payment method for all of these in Switzerland. Little by little, these companies are offering TWINT as a payment method and in doing so are becoming part of the TWINT family.

Uber, Uber Eats, Mammut and VIU

Since recently, it has been possible to save TWINT as a payment method with Uber. In the current initial phase, TWINT can be used to pay for both food orders and Uber trips simply, quickly and without any complications. TWINT can be used to pay in both the online shops and the retail stores of Mammut and VIU throughout Switzerland. Further brands will be added in the coming days, weeks and months.