Never pay too much for your mobile subscription ever again with TWINT

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A new feature in the TWINT app allows its more than 4 million active users to compare mobile plans from the most popular Swiss mobile service providers directly with each other and take out a plan with the best terms and conditions in just five minutes.

TWINT has set itself the target of making day-to-day life in Switzerland easier. One particular day-to-day situation that is sometimes anything but simple is the search for a suitable mobile or Internet plan. Trawling through numerous offers and comparing them against each other can take up a great deal of time and patience. A new feature in the TWINT app now provides you with help in this endeavour: The mobile comparison feature allows users to find and take out the right subscription for mobile networks and the Internet in just five minutes. This has been made possible by TWINT partnering with digital subscription shop alao – a Swiss telecom startup that focuses on the user when it comes to finding the best plan.

The new “mobile comparison” feature in the TWINT app allows users to adjust a number of simple settings to specify their main requirements for a mobile or internet plan. A list of the best offers that meet their needs are subsequently displayed within the app in no time at all. Thanks to the collaboration with alao, the search for the best offers and the taking out of individually tailored plans can be carried out in less than five minutes. With most customer support hotlines, you would still be stuck on hold after this amount of time.

The more than 4 million active TWINT users no longer use the app just to send money to friends or make payments in shops. In addition to these features, the TWINT app now also boasts numerous useful offerings and services that simplify day-to-day life in a myriad of ways. Whether it’s with the weekly Super Deals, a comprehensive offering of experience vouchers or a range of insurance policies that can be easily taken out in the app, TWINT brings together the best offers directly in a single app and in doing so saves the users time in their daily lives. Taking out the right mobile plan has now also become just as quick and simple thanks to the partnership with alao.

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