EMPSA: Italy’s PayDo with their payment scheme ‘PLICK’ and Slovenia’s Bankart with their scheme ‘FLIK’ join the European Mobile Payment Systems Association (EMPSA)

The year 2020 will be very important for mobile payments in Europe, with EMSPA playing a key role to foster collaboration and international payment and build up a competitive interoperable European framework. Only a month after welcoming Italy’s Bancomat Pay and Poland’s Blik as new members, Plick (Italy) and FLIK (Slovenia) decided to join and support this project.

Søren Mose Chairman of EMPSA says: 'We are very happy to welcome PLIK and FLIK into EMPSA. Having these two new strong partners in the Association, after Bancomat Pay and BLIK joined just a month ago, demonstrates the willingness of cross-border cooperation and the wish to offer interoperability to our customers to use their mobile payments systems even outside their home country.'

The mobile payment system Plick is supported by several banks in Italy and Spain. With Plick it is possible to make payments of unlimited amount via WhatsApp/SMS or email, immediately or at an agreed future payment date, to anyone in the SEPA area. Plick – integrated within its partners’ payment channels - supports both retail (e.g. P2P) as well as business (Corporate/SME - e.g. B2C; C2B) and Government payments (G2C) and plans to further innovate and cover new payment areas in the near future.

The FLIK mobile payment scheme was developed by Slovenian banks in cooperation with the national payment processor BANKART. The FLIK application involves all 15 Slovenian commercial and saving banks. FLIK is primarily targeted to provide Peer to Peer and Peer to Merchant mobile payments in Slovenia and aims at becoming the national payment standard for its users.

Donato Vadruccio, founder and CEO of PayDo/PLICK states: 'We believe that, together with the EMPSA and the other associates, we can play a key role in fostering interoperability, as well as collaboration, among payments actors in Europe, favoring the growth of the payments ecosystem in general. This will make it possible to better satisfy European customers’ needs and expectations.'

Dr. Rainer Schamberger, CMO of Bankart says: 'FLIK's members expectation from joining EMPSA is to actively cooperate in establishing European interoperability for mobile payments. Because Bankart strongly believe Instant Payments initiated over mobile channels will be the new normal and have the potential to displace cash, we have, together with Slovenian banks, set out in building an Ecosystem in which Flik scheme plays a significant role. Flik scheme enables interoperability of different solutions and addresses open questions when initiating mobile payments in P2P and P2M scenarios in Slovenia. To fully benefit from mobile payments, similar arrangements are required on European level and we want to play an active role in this.'

The headquarters of the EMPSA are located in Zurich, Switzerland. The association is chaired by Søren Mose, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TWINT and vice-chaired by Joseph Hajj, Chief Strategy Officer of Swish. Secretary General is Anton Stadelmann, Deputy CEO and CFO of TWINT.
The association aims to generally foster collaboration and to enable the use of the domestic mobile payments systems internationally. To underscore the importance of interoperability EMPSA has already set up a working group to establish joint system interoperability. This working group is co-chaired by Bjørn Skjelbred from VIPPS and Christian Pirkner of Bluecode.