Do a good deed with TWINT

Combating food waste and sharing tips for reducing the amount of plastic used

Switzerland’s payment app is growing and now has 3.5 million active users, which equates to around half of the country’s population. In order to further simplify the day-to-day lives of users, the offering is being developed further. Within this development, sustainability is playing an ever greater role.

The latest addition to the TWINT family is the Too Good To Go app, in which users can now make payments using TWINT. The Too Good To Go app connects over 4500 bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets and other businesses with consumers in order to prevent leftover food from going to waste. Users can see in the app in which local businesses there is leftover food and can purchase this at a reduced price.

TWINT is a huge community

With Too Good To Go, TWINT is offering its coverage of 3.5 million users to another partner. And this community should not be underestimated: TWINT users are currently sharing their best tips on reducing the amount of plastic they use on social media. In the first three weeks of this call to action alone, more than 1800 tips were submitted, which the global organisation “Plastic Free July” is set to support. The need to do something good is great in the TWINT community – it attaches a great deal of importance to sustainability and are constantly looking for ways to make everyday life more sustainable. By offering the opportunity to use TWINT to make cashless payments easily and securely to Too Good To Go and other partners, we are catering to this need.

Rescuing food with TWINT

Users have been able to use TWINT to make payments in the Too Good To Go app since mid-July. There has been a great deal of demand from users for the TWINT payment method since Too Good To Go was founded in Switzerland. In order to benefit from the new payment method, users will need to update the app.