Direct connection now possible between bank accounts at Freiburger Kantonalbank (FKB) and TWINT

Freiburger Kantonalbank customers benefit from the number-one mobile payment system

From the beginning of June, customers of Freiburger Kantonalbank (FKB) will be able to connect their bank accounts directly to TWINT and thereby benefit from all the advantages of the leading Swiss payment app. 

FKB introduced its previous prepaid solution back in 2017. Now, Freiburger Kantonalbank customers can download the TWINT app from their principal bank for free and connect it directly with their bank account.

TWINT can be used to make purchases in e-commerce, at cash registers, at some 200,000 parking locations and some 1800 farm shops. The amount is deducted from the customer’s bank account just like a normal debit transaction. Topping up balances is no longer required.

With total assets of CHF 24.6 billion and approximately 470 employees at 28 branches (including an online branch), FKB ranks among the 10 largest cantonal banks in Switzerland.

‘The unusual circumstances in which we currently find ourselves highlight the importance of digital payment systems. TWINT provides customers with a real digital wallet that enables them to, amongst other things, make (contactless) payments online and at stores and transfer money between smartphones,’ explains BCF Director and Board Member Cédric Yerly.

The leading mobile payment system

In a short period of time, TWINT has established itself as Switzerland’s leading mobile payment system. With some 2.5 million users and around 6 million transactions made every month, TWINT is becoming ever more popular.

In addition to making in-store payments, TWINT is the fastest payment solution for e-commerce and can be used for transferring money to other TWINT users (peer to peer). TWINT is today accepted in practically all major retail stores, including Coop, Migros, Aldi, Spar and Volg. TWINT is also the leading payment solution in the mobility sector and allows for payments to be made to the SBB, BLS, many private railway networks, Fairtiq, TCS and the largest provider of electric charging stations 'evpass'.

'In FKB, we are adding an important partner from French-speaking Switzerland to our network. For a large portion of the Fribourg population, FKB is “their” bank. We are delighted for them and also proud that more and more customers can benefit from using TWINT and its wide range of features,' said a delighted Markus Kilb, CEO of TWINT.

TWINT media contact for German-speaking Switzerland

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TWINT media contact for French-speaking Switzerland

Marie-Hélène Hancock
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