Platform Engineering: Team PENG

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Who are you? 

We are PENG! – the team responsible the platform and continuous delivery.

What is the most exciting thing about your work? 

As the main DevOps team, everything runs through us, which is why we maintain a good overview of the entire system and are involved in many new functions. The strong growth in the number of TWINT users is resulting in new complex scalability challenges that particularly impact the backend.
How would you describe your collaboration with TWINT?  

Within the team:
We are a young and dynamic team that has a passion for innovative solutions and attempts to drive these forwards. We are motivated and open to learning new things in line with the motto “fail fast and learn fast”.  We are gradually implementing our agile transformation and are switching from a waterfall model to a more iterative and collaborative model.

With other teams:
The great thing about working at TWINT is the cross-location and international collaboration. We help other teams to deploy and control their services in an automated fashion and from almost any location.

As part of the entire TWINT family:
We are an important part of TWINT and as such try our best to live up to the company’s huge ambitions, but also contribute our own ideas and opinions.

How is the working atmosphere at TWINT different to that of other companies?  

TWINT is currently in the midst of a phase of strong growth and is in between being a startup and an established company. This provides some demanding challenges, but also a unique learning experience.
What motivates you to work with TWINT ?  

You can develop and control your own products as well as help to design different products and have an influence on them. This guarantees a very high level of identification with the product.
- Achievement of a high level of availability
- Location in Zurich/Bern and home-office working
- Initiatives and activities outside work, such as workouts, the Event Committee and game nights


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