Pay more conveniently thanks to the TWINT QR code

With TWINT, you can also pay at many conventional payment terminals. The QR code makes this possible: point your smartphone camera at the code, confirm the payment in the app – and you’re done!

A customer scans the QR code at a payment terminal using her smartphone.

It is probably the easiest way to make payments with your smartphone: payment via QR code. A QR code comprises a square containing many small black and white squares, creating a code that can be read by your smartphone. If you point your smartphone’s camera at a QR code, this generates a reaction: in the case of TWINT, the reading of the QR code triggers a payment. Incidentally, QR stands for “quick response”.

Your benefit when you pay via QR code: quick and simple payments

Making payments via QR code is very simple. It does not matter whether you are paying in an online shop, at a vending machine, in a restaurant or at a cash register – the process is always the same:

  • Open your TWINT app.
  • Select the QR code symbol in the bottom-right.
  • Point your smartphone camera at the QR code.
  • Confirm the payment.

A man pays using the TWINT QR code at a payment terminal

At cash registers, the QR code is displayed on the payment terminal screen

Where you can pay via QR code

In online shops, the QR code appears automatically on your screen when you select TWINT as your payment method. The presence of a TWINT logo at an establishment’s entrance or on the payment terminal , for example, allows you to recognise whether it is possible to pay via QR code at a cash register or in a restaurant. In the case of some payment terminals, the TWINT QR code is already displayed on the screen automatically. In cases of doubt: ask the cashier and he or she will activate the QR code for you on the payment terminal.

A man pays using the TWINT QR code in an online shop

The QR code makes this possible: shop online without the arduous task of having to enter your credit card details.

Make TWINT QR code payments at the payment terminal



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