Pay quicker in online shops

You can pay with TWINT in an increasing number of Swiss online shops. Payments are not only quicker, but also secure and free of charge.

Online shopping is actually very convenient. Whether during an evening on your sofa or on a Sunday from your balcony: you can simply add your desired products to your shopping basket any time you want. Thanks to TWINT, the payment process is now also even easier. With the TWINT app, you can make quick and secure payments in online shops.

Your benefits if you pay with TWINT in online shops:
  • The payment amount is debited directly to the account or credit card saved with TWINT.
  • The payment process is quicker as there is no need to enter credit card details.
  • No payment fees.
  • The payment process is absolutely secure.
  • You can benefit from exclusive discount coupons.
It couldn’t be easier to pay with TWINT online

How to pay with TWINT in online shops: once you have finished shopping, select TWINT as the payment method. A QR code will then be displayed in the online shop. Open the TWINT app, select the QR code symbol and scan the QR code. Now all you have to do is confirm the payment in the TWINT app – and you’re done.


Shopping via your smartphone now even easier

With TWINT, you can also pay quickly and securely in online shops when shopping with your smartphone: select TWINT as the payment method. The TWINT app will then open automatically. You do not need to enter a code: simply confirm the payment. You then return to the online shop in order to conclude the payment.


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