Now available: ZKB TWINT

ZKB TWINT is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The free app is ideal for everybody with a Zürcher Kantonalbank account: TWINT payments are debited directly to your bank account.

A smartphone on a grey background. Both the TWINT and UBS logos are displayed on the screen. A blue hexagonal teaser is located above and to the right of the smartphone and contains the text: Download now!

With ZKB TWINT, the first TWINT bank app is now available. This means that those with a Zürcher Kantonalbank account can connect it to the app. New: when you pay with ZKB TWINT, the amount is debited directly to your bank account – making topping up your credit a thing of the past.

Further TWINT apps from Swiss banks will be available shortly. UBS TWINT will be released in April. BCV TWINT, Credit Suisse TWINT, PostFinance TWINT and Raiffeisen TWINT will be available to download in the early summer.


  • Do you have an account with Zürcher Kantonalbank? If so, use ZKB TWINT.
  • Do you still have credit on your current TWINT app? If so, you can release the credit: in the app, select 'Release money' under the 'More' menu. You can enter an IBAN here and the credit will subsequently be transferred to an account of your choice. Of course, you can also continue to use the TWINT app in parallel to ZKB TWINT until your credit is used up.

Download now!
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