Now available: the free APPKB TWINT app

The new TWINT app is suitable for everybody with an Appenzeller Kantonalbank account. The advantage: TWINT payments are debited directly to your bank account. APPKB TWINT is now available free of charge in the App Store and Google Play.

TWINT App APPKB download now

With APPKB TWINT, a further TWINT bank app is now available. This means that those with an Appenzeller Kantonalbank account can connect it to the app. When you pay with APPKB TWINT, the amount is debited directly to your bank account – making topping up your credit unnecessary.

Tips for clients of Appenzeller Kantonalbank:

  • Do you have an account with Appenzeller Kantonalbank? If so, APPKB TWINT is perfect for you.
  • Have you previously used the prepaid TWINT app and still have credit? You can release the credit as follows: in the app, select ‘Release money’ under the ‘More’ menu. Enter your IBAN here and the credit will subsequently be transferred to your account. Or use the TWINT prepaid app in parallel to APPKB TWINT until you have used up your credit.

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