New: stamp cards and coupons

Benefit now from digital stamps and discounts in the food, fashion, electronics and other sectors. More than just payments … that's TWINT.


As of now, constantly discover great new offers in your digital wallet which you can only benefit from. Using TWINT stamp cards, collect digital stamps with every payment, and take advantage of attractive discounts in various stores and online shops with TWINT coupons.

This is how it works:

Home: here you’ll find the offer highlights. Tap on a message to learn more about it and activate the offer by pushing it into the wallet with one click.

Market: do you want to see all the offers? Visit the marketplace and activate the stamp card and coupons of your choice there.

Wallet: see your activated stamp cards and coupons at a glance. If you want to cash in your coupon, simply enter the coupon code in the discount field in the relevant online shop. When cashing in at a store, if you have a ‘coupon for presentation’, present it. If you have a ‘coupon’ it is included directly in the payment process. That’s how easy it is to benefit!

If you don’t want to take advantage of such exclusive offers, you can deactivate them under the menu item ‘More’ / ‘Third-party offers’.