‘The Man’s World team uses TWINT almost every day’

Explore, try things out and network: the Man’s World trade fair will take place in Zurich this weekend (8 to 11 March 2018) for the third time. This year, it will be possible to make donations to the Stiftung Frauenhaus Zürich (Zurich Women’s Shelter Foundation) with TWINT. In an interview, co-founder Daniel Rasumowsky reveals why the ‘playground and marketplace for men’ is putting its faith in TWINT.

Man's World Zurich

Mr Rasumowsky, what exactly is Man’s World?
Man’s World provides a retreat from hectic everyday life as well as a playground and marketplace for adults (both men and women). A place to explore, discover new things, draw inspiration, play and enjoy yourself. The more than 100 carefully selected brands and creators provide visitors with access to a curated shopping world that covers a variety of topics. This is combined with relaxation zones, delicious drinks and food offers as well as opportunities for play.

Why do we need a trade fair only for men?
Many men are lazy when it comes to shopping but are very enthusiastic about various offers that you often don’t find in city shopping districts. Furthermore, men love to take the time to relax, play, network and enjoy themselves. Also, in the rapidly changing world in which we live, sports cars and job titles are luckily no longer enough for men when it comes to forging their identity. They are increasingly dealing with a variety of topics.

At this year’s Man’s World trade fair, it will be possible to donate to the Stiftung Frauenhaus Zürich (Zurich Women’s Shelter Foundation). How did you come up with this idea?
As a start-up, Man’s World attempts to contribute to society to the greatest extent possible and believes in sustainable business and human relationships, respect, tolerance and fair opportunities. Women and children who are subjected to domestic violence are largely denied access to the latter. Society hardly talks about it.
Man’s World is therefore supporting the Stiftung Frauenhaus Zürich, an organisation that offers those affected  a place of refuge, advice and new strength.
Our target group perhaps requires more information than most in this regard and also needs a means for becoming active in ensuring a better future. Since the very beginning, we have been working to live by and promote a culture that is shaped by tolerance, an enlightened set of values and, in particular, humour. This includes the gender debate and the requirement for us all to support those weaker than ourselves.

Why have you decided to make it possible to donate via TWINT?
We view TWINT as the perfect platform for simple and trustworthy payment processing. Many charitable organisations or foundations still only provide details for a PC account on their website or via similar communication channels. On the one hand, this prevents many people with good intentions from actually taking the step to donate and, on the other, it makes no sense, for example, in a world of fast-moving advertisements, videos, posts, etc. to communicate a PC account as a means of appealing for donations. TWINT and a few innovative providers are setting the standard for simple and quick payments. It is for this reason that we have chosen to take this new path.

How will it work exactly?
We are integrating QR codes for various donation amounts on the website, in social media posts and in the final credits of information clips. We will also print these on boards that we will hang up at various locations at our event between 8 and 11 March. With TWINT, it is possible to make donations in a matter of seconds. Open the app, scan the QR code and you’re done.

When and where do you use TWINT yourself?
Our entire team uses TWINT almost every day for P2P payments after lunch or to pay back what we owe each other if somebody pops to the shops quickly. At cash registers, it is still a little easier to reach for your contactless credit or debit card, but we remain curious to see what else TWINT will offer us in future. I have also paid via QR code on one occasion. I was absolutely amazed at how quickly the camera recognised the code.

Daniel Rasumowsky and Karim Debabe

The founders of Man's World: Daniel Rasumowsky (left) and Karim Debabe

About Daniel Rasumowsky
Daniel Rasumowsky is the co-founder and co-owner of Man’s World. The idea was born while he was working at the JEFF communication agency, which he had helped to establish from 2011 after completing his law degree. Rasumowsky and his team believe that effective marketing requires authenticity, sustainability and a pinch of courage, and that less is more.


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