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mario burkhard

Our customers and small merchants love TWINT. Thanks to the use of QR codes, payment is quick and easy for both parties.

Are you a merchant?

mario burkhard
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The winner of our appeal for messages of love from among our merchants is Mario Burkhard from Mario Burkhard art floral in Bern. Click here to see what he likes about TWINT.

Always where you are

Thanks to our dedicated merchants, you can look out for the QR code almost everywhere and use it to pay easily and spontaneously.
This is because in more than 80,000 lovingly run businesses such as farm shops, food trucks, ice cream stands and countless other points of sale, you can pay quickly and conveniently with TWINT.

To do so, simply find and scan the QR code sticker, confirm your payment in the TWINT app and that’s it – your purchase is complete.
This is also practical for the merchants, as TWINT is a fair payment solution that makes collecting money convenient and easy for them.

Give it a try now. Keep an eye out for the QR code wherever you want to pay!

Become part of TWINT as a merchant

Do you run a small business and want to offer your customers TWINT as a payment method? We would be happy to demonstrate the advantages of our QR code solution to you, thus enabling you to collect payments simply and without the need for any infrastructure.

Information for merchants

Would you like to register directly as a merchant or download your QR code for simple payment? Then switch to our merchant portal.


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