Pay in your favourite restaurant with TWINT

Whether it’s fast food or fine dining, Switzerland pays with TWINT in restaurants – because it is simple, quick and practical.


Pay in restaurants with TWINT and save time

You can pay at more and more restaurants with TWINT. Whether you’re in a pub or a starred restaurant: open the TWINT app, scan the TWINT QR code and twint. Our tips will help you save a great deal of time the next time you visit a restaurant:

Most restaurants accept TWINT, even if they don’t have a TWINT sticker on the door. Keep an eye out for physical TWINT QR code stickers or a QR code on the payment terminal display.

The Split function allows you to split the bill with your friends. One person pays for everything and then sends requests to the others so that they can pay their shares. The practical Split function can be found under  «Split» or «Request and split», depending on the app, or you can simply select a payment from the transaction overview and tap «Split this payment» or «Split this amount».

Tip: if you are unsure as to whether you can pay with TWINT, simply ask the restaurant staff.