Recommend a business and win Our merchants stories

Simply TWINT it.

Here at TWINT, we want to make everyday life simpler for you and your favourite businesses. Let us know if you have found a business in which you still cannot twint.

Recommend and win Our merchant stories

    Recommend a business and win Our merchants stories

With TWINT, you can make cashless and convenient payments almost everywhere ‒ even where you wouldn’t expect it. And even if you have left your wallet or purse at home. This system has been implemented at more than 40,000 passionately run businesses, such as farm shops, food trucks, ice cream stands and unstaffed points of sale, e.g. flower fields.

It couldn’t be easier:

  • 1. Look for the QR code sticker
  • 2. Scan the QR code
  • 3. Confirm the payment

Recommend a business and win

Have you come across a business where you still can’t twint? Then let us know. Every recommendation helps twofold: they help your favourite merchant, as TWINT will allow even more people to buy their goods and services and make payments to them. They help you, as every person who makes a recommendation will be entered into a competition to win one of 15 prizes of CHF 500. You may also be able to use TWINT to pay at your favourite merchant soon.

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I would like to recommend the following business and with a little bit of luck win CHF 500:

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Our merchants stories

More than 300 active TWINT merchants sent in their stories for our current campaign and explained to us why they love TWINT so much. To read their stories, visit our blog or follow us on social media.

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Do your run a small business and want to be able to offer your customers the option to use TWINT as a payment method? We would be happy to demonstrate the advantages of our QR code solution to you, thus enabling you to collect payments simply and without the need for any infrastructure.

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