The TWINT forest

Be part of our plan to make Switzerland greener. With your help, we are planting 150 trees in our own TWINT forest near Bern, in the heart of Switzerland. This year, the reforestation of Swiss forests is especially important: storms and extreme temperature fluctuations are making life more and more difficult for trees in Switzerland. Win your own tree and do good!

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Our September challenge

The TWINT forest will come to life in a few weeks in Grauholz near Bern. Trees are important in Switzerland. They provide humans with fresh air, animals with shelter, and other essential resources. The TWINT forest is being set up together with Almighty Tree for the climate, nature and a good cause.

How to take part:
Anyone who sends at least one donation to an organisation via TWINT “Donate” from 1st to 30th September has a chance of winning sponsorship for one of our 150 trees.

Conditions of participation

How it works in TWINT+

In TWINT+ you can always find a wide range of charity organisations. Choose the charity you wish to support and donate conveniently and directly using TWINT.

Tap TWINT+ on your home screen and click on «Donate»

Select your desired organisation and the donation amount

Confirm the donation – done!

Do you have any further questions about donating in TWINT+?

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What effect will 150 trees have?

  • They will provide a home for a large number of insect species such as moths and beetles
  • 150 oak trees are an important source of food for animals such as birds, mice and wild boar, and will produce 1.5 billion acorns in their lifetimes.
  • Some 39 tonnes of carbon dioxide will be absorbed
  • The ground water will be filtered through the trees
  • The area surrounding the forest will provide a recreation area for the local population. When people walk through forests, their stress levels decrease by 28 percent.

Status of the TWINT forest

For every 20th user who makes a donation via TWINT+ in September, TWINT will plant a tree in the TWINT forest in Grauholz near Bern in October. Our goal is to plant 150 trees and help contribute to reforestation and CO2 reduction in Switzerland. (These figures are updated once per day.)


Number of participants in our September challenge


Number of trees TWINT will plant

35’360 kilograms

CO2 absorbed by all these trees

Our partner Almighty Tree

To achieve our aim of 150 newly planted trees in Switzerland, we have entered into a partnership with Almighty Tree. Almighty Tree helps to ensure sustainable forest management by offering private individuals and companies the opportunity to plant trees.

In its endeavour to design a sustainable future and improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of our communities, Almighty Tree focuses on enhancing our wooded heritage, and developing our forests and biodiversity in Switzerland, while also raising the awareness of the population and companies by bringing them closer to nature.

Thanks to the activities of Almighty Tree, more than 4700 trees have already been planted in seven different cantons.

Charitable organisations

Support charitable organisations in performing their work to make the world a better place. You can make donations to the following organisations directly using TWINT+: