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Collecting payments with TWINT is hygienic and contactless. You can find our solutions here:

Collecting payments without a terminal

Do you not have a terminal but still want to make it possible for your customers and employees to use TWINT as a means of payment? The TWINT QR code (on a sticker) allows your customers to pay for their shopping simply and independently.

  • No need to come into contact with cash or a terminal
  • Instant confirmation of the transaction via SMS or e-mail
  • Secure payments credited directly to your account
  • Fixed or freely selectable amounts

The TWINT QR code is, for example, also perfectly suited for use for home deliveries and in self-service stores.

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Collecting payments with a terminal

Are you already using a terminal and want to offer TWINT as a means of payment in your store? If so, you can activate TWINT on your payment terminal as follows:

Worldline/SIX Payment Services
If you have a Worldline/SIX Payment Services terminal, then get in touch with your Worldline/SIX Payment Services contact directly to activate TWINT.

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If you have a Concardis terminal, then get in touch with your Concardis contact directly to activate TWINT.

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Collecting payments in your online shop

Would you like to activate TWINT in your online shop? Doing so would allow your customers to make rapid, simple and secure payments.

  • You would be opening up your business to more than 2.3 million TWINT users and thus also to customers that do not have credit cards
  • Fewer payment cancellations and your account is credited instantly

Existing shop
Do you already have a shop? If so, then find out how to connect it to TWINT here.

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New shop
Do you want to set up a new online shop? Find out how to do this in just five hours here. Together with a TWINT connection.

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Collecting payments online without a shop
Secure payments via the Internet – without the need for your own online shop

Do you want to offer your customers the option of making payments via the Internet without having to run an online shop? With Worldline/SIX Payment Services, you can take orders through every communication channel. You can then send the payment link to your customers quickly and easily, thus allowing them to pay for their orders securely.

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Collect donations with TWINT

With TWINT, you can also collect donations!

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Show that you are part of TWINT

Your customers need to be able to see that your store accepts TWINT. You can thus order a sticker, a spoiler and much more – at no cost at all.

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