Information on working together with recruitment agencies


General Terms and Conditions (GTCs) for cooperation between TWINT AG and third parties.


The GTCs of TWINT AG shall apply to all recruitment agency business between TWINT AG and third parties. Cooperation with a third party may only be entered into if TWINT AG has agreed to this in writing in advance.

Requirements for cooperation

Recruitment agencies must meet the following criteria:

  •  The recruitment agency has acknowledged and signed the “Agreement for Recruiting Services” issued by TWINT AG.
  • The recruitment agency has an official licence for recruitment or temporary staffing in Switzerland.

Cooperation process

Once the third party has signed the GTCs of TWINT AG, the relevant dossiers can be submitted electronically. Cooperation shall take place on a performance-related basis.

Data protection

The third party shall maintain absolute discretion. Information may only be forwarded with the written consent of TWINT AG or the candidate.

Limitation of liability

TWINT AG does not accept candidate recommendations from any third parties that have not been invited to provide any such recommendations. Any candidate recommendations provided in this manner shall not be taken into consideration and there shall be no contractual or financial obligations whatsoever in this respect.