How to get more from TWINT

Most people always use TWINT in the same way, but there are a number of functions and tricks that many don’t know about. So why not try them out?

Under “More” in the TWINT app, you can define the amount above which you automatically have to approve payments.
Automatic approval for faster payments

Would you like to set your own limit up to which you have to confirm payments? In the app’s settings, you can enter the amount above which you automatically have to approve payments. The default setting is CHF 40 or CHF 0 depending on the app. In most TWINT apps, settings can be found under “More” > “Security”.

Say thank you when you receive money

If your friends send you money via TWINT, there is a simple way to thank them in the app. Just select the relevant amount under “Statement entries” or “History” and you can write and send a reply. Why not add a nice emoji too?

Connect your account or credit card directly

You can connect your bank account and have payments debited or credited directly in almost all apps. Alternatively, you can also save your credit card in the app.
If you are using the TWINT prepaid app, you can top up your credit via your bank account or with a deposit slip or credit codes.

Collect Coop Supercard points automatically

Are you a points collector or a bargain hunter? If so, be sure to save your Coop Supercard in the TWINT app as this means you will benefit automatically every time you make a payment with TWINT. If a staff member asks for your Supercard, simply state that it is already saved in your app and score points with your knowledge.

How to get support

Do you have questions about TWINT or is something not working? Since the information involved is bank data, support is provided by your bank. The quickest way to get help is to call. The support team contact details for your TWINT app can be found under “Customer Service”.


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