5 questions to… Josephine Scherler, Head of Frontend

What app does our Head of Frontend Josephine Scherler believe still absolutely has to be invented? Read her mini-profile here.

Josephine Scherler, Head of Frontend
Who are you and what do you do at TWINT?

My name is Josephine Scherler, I am 30 years old and I work as Head of Frontend at TWINT. My daily activities at TWINT are very varied, as I get to work with developers, designers, testers, business analysts and architects in order to develop our app on an ongoing basis.

What do you like best about your job?

I find it exciting to be able to work with so many different people to develop a joint product that makes everyday life easier.

Which app invention are we still waiting for?

A key app with which I can open the door to my house, because I sometimes forget my key as well as my purse...

What do you collect?

I have a weakness for beautiful old crockery.

Where do you pay most frequently with TWINT?

At Coop and the bakery Glatz.


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