What is the new “Coffee” function in TWINT+ and how do I use it?

In TWINT+, you can now order coffee capsules in the Nespresso online shop and use TWINT to pay for these directly, simply and conveniently.

How it works:

  • Open your TWINT app and tap the “TWINT+” tile.
  • Tap “Coffee” and you will be forwarded to the web application of our partner Nespresso in your Internet browser.
  • Log in with your Nespresso customer number and your post code. Alternatively, you can also place your order as a guest. In this instance, you have to enter the delivery address manually each time.
  • You will initially be prompted to enter the delivery address. If you have logged in with your Nespresso customer number, your default address that is saved with Nespresso will be used automatically. You can change this address, where necessary, in this step.
  • Select the number of coffee capsules by tapping the “+” symbol to the right of the coffee that you would like to order and select the desired number of capsules.
  • You can, of course, order multiple types of coffee at the same time.
  • Once you have entered all of the details for your order, you can submit the order by tapping the “Confirm order” at the bottom of your screen.
  • You will now be taken back to the TWINT app where you can confirm the payment.
  • Your order will now be processed by Nespresso and delivered to your home shortly.


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