How can I set up additional stores in the TWINT merchant portal?

In order to add an additional store, log into the merchant portal and click ‘Stores’ in the menu on the left-hand side. You can add new stores here. Please have the following information to hand:

Information for displaying stores to customers
In order to display stores in the customer app as well as in the store finder, TWINT requires the following information for each point of sale: Name of the point of sale, Name of the chain, Address of the branch + logo.

Information for settlement
For each point of sale, you can determine to which postal or bank account you would like the money generated through your daily sales with TWINT to be transferred. You can also enter an internal alias (e.g. the profit centre number)

Supported customer loyalty programmes
TWINT offers its customers the option to save cards for various customer loyalty programmes within the TWINT app. You can set out which programmes each point of sale supports.

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