Can you only use TWINT to pay small amounts or can you also pay larger amounts?

You can, of course, also use TWINT to pay larger amounts.

Please note that in the TWINT app there is a difference between the Payment function in which money is set to a merchant and and sending, receiving and splitting payments which are used with your family and friends.

First of all, the credit in your account or in the TWINT prepaid app is key to how much you can spend with TWINT.

When making purchases with a merchant, there are daily and monthly limits (similar to with a debit card) for each TWINT app. These can vary from one TWINT app to the next and can also be adjusted by the user in some TWINT apps. In the TWINT prepaid app, there is no maximum limit for purchases made from a merchant. However, there are account balance and top-up limits in place for the TWINT prepaid app, which affect how much you can spend. For information on the spending limits in force in the other TWINT apps, please contact the issuer of your TWINT app directly.

The maximum limit for payment with a QR code sticker stands at CHF 5000.

There are maximum limits for sending and receiving money, but these vary from one TWINT app to the next. For further information on this, please contact the issuer of your TWINT app directly. The limits for the TWINT prepaid app are available here.


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