How can I top up my credit in the TWINT prepaid app?

The following three methods can be used to top up your credit in the TWINT prepaid app.

Direct debit

Amounts of up to CHF 200 can be topped up via direct debit without a waiting period. This is only possible, however, if you have an account with one of the banks listed here and are of legal age. In this case, the amount is pre-financed by TWINT AG until the money is received by us from your bank. Amounts in excess of CHF 200 are credited to you as soon as TWINT has received the money from your bank account (this can take up to 4 working days).

With direct debit, you can top up your TWINT prepaid app with money taken directly from your account. Tap the blue plus symbol (+) next to the credit display at the top of the app and tap your bank’s logo. Enter the desired amount and confirm by selecting “Top up credit now”.

To be able to use this function, you need to link your account on a one-time basis first. Tap the blue plus symbol (+) next to the credit display at the top of the app and select “Bank account”. Now follow the on-screen instructions. This account will subsequently be used to top up via direct debit.


You can set up a payment for this using the e-banking or mobile banking service of your bank. Topping up your TWINT prepaid credit by transfer can only be done in Swiss francs (CHF) using the Swiss QR IBAN and the relevant individual QR reference number. In addition, SEPA payments in EUR cannot be processed.

Procedure: Tap the blue plus symbol (+) next to the credit display at the top of the app and select the “Deposit” option. You now have the option to copy all data for the transfer in mobile banking by tapping the copy symbol on the right. Alternatively, you can request a QR bill to be sent to your email address. To do so, tap the button “Send QR bill” and follow the instructions on the screen.
You will then receive an e-mail containing a deposit slip with a QR code. The QR IBAN and QR reference number on the deposit slip can also be used for a bank transfer in your e-banking.

You can also set up a standing order or use the same QR IBAN and QR reference number multiple times. You will receive a notification as soon as the money has been received by TWINT. The money will be credited to your TWINT Prepaid account one calendar day after the execution date of the deposit (value date). If a deposit is made via e-banking, the execution date is the day on which your bank account is actually charged. If a deposit is made at a post office counter, the execution date is normally the next working day after your deposit.

Important: If you register in the TWINT prepaid app again, you must order a new QR reference number for topping up credit, as each QR reference number is allotted to a specific TWINT prepaid account. To do so, simply follow these instructions again.

Credit Code

You can buy credit codes at Swiss Post as well as at Coop supermarkets, Jumbo, Coop City (food and non-food) and in the stores of Interdiscount. Open the TWINT prepaid App. Tap on the QR Code symbol at the bottom right. Point the smartphone camera at the QR code or enter the credit code. The credit is immediately available in your TWINT App.

Direct connection

The following banks offer a TWINT app that provides the option of establishing a direct connection to your bank account.

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