No two eggs are the same. But they are all fresh, straight from the farm.

Twint and become a chicken sponsor

At Easter, children traditionally hunt for eggs in the garden; however, chickens are more than just suppliers of eggs. It is time that we take a minute to pay tribute to these animals: Did you know that chickens lay up to 300 eggs every year and their cognitive abilities are similar to those of a dog or a cat? There’s more – chickens have an REM sleep phase (rapid eye movement) and are therefore also able to dream, much like us humans. Another surprising fact is that they can taste salt, but not sweet flavours.

If you use TWINT to pay for your shopping at a farm shop from 29 March to 11 April 2021, you will be in with a chance of winning one of ten chicken sponsorships.

Condition of participation

What does the sponsorship involve?

With a chicken sponsorship, you support the rearing and conservation of rare breeds of chicken on the “Könighof” farm in Uerkheim in the canton of Aargau. It would be a shame if these old and somewhat threatened breeds (such as the Appenzeller Spitzhaube and Barthuhn) were to die out. Ninety percent of the chickens with which Könighof employees work and live on the farm will be cared for from the day they are born until their final days. With a great deal of joy, love and passion, the Könighof farm is dedicated to the conservation of these special breeds. With the sponsorship, you will make a contribution towards the conservation efforts. As a registered sponsor, you will exclusively receive:

    • A sponsorship certificate with a photo of your sponsored chicken, which will be sent as a PDF file via e-mail.
    • Entry in the Könighof information list so that you are sent information about the Könighof and your sponsored chicken.
    • Upon your initial registration, you can visit your sponsored chicken and spend time with it.
    • Entry in the sponsors’ gallery.
    • One guided tour of the farm per year for you and a maximum of three additional people of your choice.

Find a farm shop

Type TWINT into the search field and you will see at a glance which farms offer TWINT as a means of payment:

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