Day-to-day life made even easier for two years now

Man with phone using TWINT app

For six years now, residents of Switzerland have been using TWINT to make quick and easy payments in stores and to send money to friends and family members. Two years ago this week, the app’s field of application was expanded considerably yet again with the launch of the TWINT+ marketplace. Users can pay parking fees, order food and browse through attractive Super Deals directly in the app – the TWINT functions come into play in areas in which they can make the day-to-day lives of users a little easier!


An extremely popular TWINT function is the ability to pay parking fees directly in the app. This means that users no longer have to walk to the parking meter and if you leave the parking space before the end of the parking session, you will be reimbursed the remaining amount. In certain car parks, tickets no longer need to be purchased. Instead, the vehicle’s registration number is automatically read at the barrier when driving into the car park, TWINT+ identifies the saved registration number and takes care of the rest.

Withdrawing cash

Are there no ATMs nearby? Thanks to TWINT+, you can withdraw cash from cash registers at k kiosk, Volg, avec, in the pharmacy and in more than 2300 other shops.

Ordering food

Are you hungry? Using the “Order food” function, you can have your lunch or dinner delivered conveniently to a location of your choice.

Making donations

Doing good deeds is also easier than ever with TWINT. Find the cause that is important to you directly in the TWINT app and support the charity of your choice by making a donation.

Super Deals

Exclusive special offers are made available on TWINT every Monday. Regardless of whether they are for household devices, electronics or office furniture, there is always something for everyone.


You can also take out insurance for your mobile phone or bicycle quite easily and in no time at all directly in the TWINT app.

Digital vouchers

Forgotten a birthday? In TWINT+, you will find the right gift vouchers or credit codes from many different providers within just a few minutes.

Even more functions and relevance in day-to-day life

A lot has happened since the launch of TWINT+ two years ago. And you can look forward to the further opportunities and offers TWINT will provide its users in the future. One thing is already clear – all of the functions are designed to make day-to-day lifer easier and more pleasant than ever.

Download TWINT app

It does not matter who you bank with: TWINT is available to everybody. Ideally, you should select the TWINT app of a bank with which you have an account. This will allow you to link the app to your bank account.